Buying Plus Size Lingerie for Voluptuous Women

Published: 03rd June 2009
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Buying plus size lingerie for voluptuous women is easy and fun when you know what you are looking for. Voluptuous women are women who have curves in all the right places. Buying plus size lingerie for voluptuous women is perfect for these full figured women with fuller breasts, hips, legs and her derriere. Knowing how to buy sexy plus size lingerie is easy when you know what to look for and where to but the sexiest lingerie on the planet.

It used to be that big beautiful women or big beautiful women, used to be stuck with unattractive, ill fitting lingerie that was not particularly pleasing to the eye. Today full figured women have an ever increasing variety in the styles and sizes as well as colors available in sexy lingerie. Plus size lingerie is lingerie that begins at size 12 and extends up to sizes 18 and beyond. These sizes can also be offered as 1X through 5X depending on the manufacturer.

Since plus size lingerie is becoming more and more widely available it is important to discuss the styles available and what body types look good in what styles. Like any garment, sizing and fit are essential to the look and comfort in wearing this lingerie. When shopping for lingerie consider whether you are going to be shopping in a boutique or online. Shopping in a boutique is ideal as you can try on the garment and knowing your sizes is not as important as you will know when it fits or not. On the other hand if you are going to be shopping online it is vital that you know your sizes, bra size, waist size, height, weight and dress sizes as they are all important sizes to decide what lingerie size you require. If you are ordering online it is usually a good idea to call in your order and speak with a life representative who can answer your questions, offer suggestions and let you know about sales, discounts and the like.

After determining your size then you are on to the styles you like as well as the colors. All women love sexy bras and panty sets and these lingerie sets are both becoming and affordable. Whether you do or don't wear a lot of lingerie these sets are bound to make you look sexy and make the man in your life happy as well. Lingerie sets can either be a bra and thong, bra and g string or my favorites the bra and booty shorts sets. Women, young and old, thin and plus sized have discovered the sexiest lingerie is the bra and booty shorts sets. Booty shorts are meant to fit snug but offer much fuller coverage than the thong and g string panty. Thongs and g strings are very sexy but many women and their men love the look of sexy booty shorts or boy shorts. Consider these sets when shopping as even though they cover your booty they are very sexy indeed.

How about a plus size corset? Corsets are ideal for full figured women as they cinch in the waist while pushing her breasts up, together and out giving her a very feminine, sexy and finished look that is hard to beat. Many corsets come with matching panties and the rest is up to you. In the bedroom a pair of sheer stockings and high heels make the ideal sexy bedroom outfit. But don't forget that the corset is made to be seen and worn outside the bedroom. Pair a sexy corset with a pair of jeans or skirt, mini or long doesn't matter and you are ready for the clubs. Keep in mind that a corset in a vivid color such as red, burgundy or black is ideal for public wear as opposed to white or nude which is best used for underwear. Corsets are an ideal lingerie item that is a good value as you can wear it in private or public depending on your mood. You can match the corset with a jacket and that marvelous bust of yours is ready for your close up, Mr DeMille.

Lingerie like an open bust teddy is one that will send an unmistakable message to the man in your life. Teddies are simply bodysuits or one piece garments that have a snap at the crotch for comfort. These teddies as well as their sister garment the body stockings are slimming as they are full length garments with long sleeves or sleeveless styles all in stretch lycra spandex for sexy good looks and fit.

Regardless of the styles and colors you choose sexy plus size lingerie will make for romantic evenings at home. Don't forget that much of the lingerie you wear to spice up the evening can also be worn in public at your favorite restaurant, club or even the movies. You and you alone decide how revealing the outfit needs to be but you have the option of making it calm and conservative or sexy and seductive.

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