Sexy Garter Belts and Stockings Heat up the Night!

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Sexy garter belts and sexy stockings will heat up the night regardless of where you are. Garter belts and stockings are sexy lingerie that is both retro lingerie as well as modern sexy underwear for women. Once you have worn one you will agree that sexy garter belts and thigh high stockings do heat up the night!

Few undergarments have withstood the test of time as well as sexy garter belts and the ever popular sexy stockings. Perhaps corsets are as popular today as they once were but otherwise many classic or vintage lingerie items have not been so lucky. As women have changed, so have their tastes in lingerie. Stockings were once hugely popular until along came the pantyhose. The garter belts met a similar fate as they were tied to stockings in much the same way. Women did not like having to take the time to wear an extra garment and then the garter belts slipped down their legs. Then there was the issue of the garter belt straps showing through their garments. Finally there was the issue of the invention of the pantyhose which we have mentioned and the fact that they were very convenient, smooth and while unattractive, they were and are convenient and functional.

Sexy stockings and garter belts have, in large part thanks to the Burlesque movement of recent years been reinvigorated in the public's mind as a sexy alternative to other lingerie items on the market. Pin up girls wear the duo of stockings and garter belts and when the likes of the gorgeous Dita Von Teese is shown wearing such an outfit many men and women see just how sexy the outfit can be.

What was once a necessity in a woman's wardrobe is now a unique, erotic set that has a fetish following among many. A woman wearing a garter belt and stockings today evokes the images of the 40's and 50's where women wore spiky bras or bullet bras, full bottom or full back granny panties and pencil skirts with back seam stockings and a garter belt. While innocent times in comparison with today, there is nothing innocent about a woman's body enclosed in such an outfit. There term steamy comes to mind as while little skin was showing, the exaggerated breasts in a cone style bra, the heavily made up and coiffed woman smoking a cigarette and the look of nude stockings with a back seam atop a pair of thick heeled high heels is more than many men can take. This was the sexual imagery of the mid 20th century and while not overtly sexual these pin up girls were the things men's fantasies were made of.

There is something very feminine about a woman putting her garter belt on and adjusting it around her waist, putting on her satin or silk sexy panties although they weren't particularly sexy they were panties after all. Finally she had to put on her nylon stockings carefully as she did not want to get a run in them and she had to put one on at a time and adjust them so they were straight on her lovely legs. Contrast that with jamming her legs and butt into a pair of ugly pantyhose and clearly the garter belt and stockings is the sensuous dressing winner.

While women don't wear garter belts and stockings as much as they once did, the garments still hold a place with women and men as the look they inspire will never die but linger as the picture of sexuality and sensuality in another era. Women didn't wear tattoos, did not go without panties, did not enhance their breasts and the women's movement had not arrived. It seems everyone smoked cigarettes, stayed married and many women were housewives. While most women today would not want to change places, it was a simpler time. Simple is a good thing, right?

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